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Editorials & News Articles

Editorials and News Articles

pdf Fast Foods Linked to Asthma, Eczema in Children: Study

pdf Chiropractic Treatment and Pregnant Patients with Low Back Pain

pdf Vaccine

pdf Replication of the study ‘Adverse effects of spinal manipulation:
a systematic review’

pdf From Problem Solving to Vision Creating

pdf The Olympic Advantage

pdf Usain Bolt utilizes chiropractic

pdf Regulation of health care professionals: Law Commission consultation

pdf 15 Ways To Eat Healthy Without Breaking The Bank

pdf Acupuncture and chiropractic care for chronic pain in an integrated health plan: a mixed methods study.

pdf Behavioral Changes and Chiropractic Care, A Case Study

pdf CASE REPORT – Improvements of child with colic and learning difficulties undergoing Chiropractic care

pdf Detox with a Smoothie

pdf Evicence Lacking To Guide Analgesic Use in Sciatica

pdf For Neck Pain, Chiropractic and Exercise Are Better Than Drugs

pdf Healthy Eating Can Cut Crime

pdf Impact of a healthy lifestyle on all-cause and cardiovascular mortality after stroke in the USA

pdf Influenza Vaccine Less Effective on Elderly Than Thought

pdf Interesting Sidebar from the British Medical Journal

pdf Manipulation Spinal Cord Effects

pdf More Hospitals Offering Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Services

pdf Mumps Vaccine Not Foolproof

pdf Placebo

pdf Studies Prove Chiropractic Can Prevent Heart Disease

pdf Subluxation Alters Neurological Processing

pdf The Unrefuted and Verifiable Results of a 7-Year Study in Illinois – DCs as Primary Care Providers

Screen Detected Breast Cancer

Report Details Fraud and Abuse by Pharmaceutical Companies

Kids Spines Not Coping

Medicine Gets a Feel for the Orient

Upper Cervical Care for Occipital Lobe Epilepsy

Would You Take Your Kids to the Chiropractor?


Chiropractic Outperforms Other Back Pain Treatments

How to Enhance the Heart


New Drugs Not Always Safe, Adviser Warns

Excess TV Time Linked to Early Death

Chiropractic Saves Insurers $15.8 Billion

Government Warned on Drug Failures

The Board of Directors of announces the official organization of the WikiChiro Foundation.

An Explosion Of Medical Research Fraud Underlines The Wisdom Of Boosting Public Funding For Research To Reduce Dependence On Drug Company Money

Different Countries Have Different Attitudes Toward Attention- Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Babies to Be Given Diet Drug in the Womb

Translation Matters in Choices on Data

The Safety of Cervical Manipulation: Putting Stroke Risk in Perspective, Part 1