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Get Your Wallet Out!

Whilst you may adopt a good sitting posture at your ergonomically designed work station you could be ruining everything by keeping a big fat wallet in your back pocket.

Constantly keeping  your wallet which may be over an inch thick in your back pocket is like sitting on a wedge, which throws out your pelvis.  You inadvertently adopt a lopsided sitting position as your body automatically leans away from your wallet and your head stays positioned centrally over your pelvis.  A twist in your pelvis can not only cause lower back problems but it can cause problems all the way up your spine, your neck  and head, as the rest of your body compensates for the distortion caused by the wallet.

This problem is not just linked to big fat wallets but also to mobile phones.  A simple piece of advice such as remove your wallet or phone from your back pocket before sitting down can avoid excruciating back pain or even sciatica in the future.

Back pain or Sciatica affects 70-80% of people worldwide at some time in their lives.  It is the pain in the back that commences and continues from the hip and buttocks to all the way long the leg which comes in many forms.  If you are experiencing symptoms like these visit your chiropractor